challenges women entrepreneur
challenges women entrepreneur

If a mom can manage everything in household, so woman can be an entrepreneur who can manage and organize any enterprise. However, women entrepreneur face so many challenges in this business world.

Balancing between business and family time

A working mama has dual responsibilities to her business and to her family. Term “work-life balance” is so true right know. In the morning, you have to prepare all your family needs while you have to prepare yourself to go to work. At night, you have to spend more time to your kids and husband while think about new projects in your business. So real, so true.

Against social expectations

Women tend to feel that they have to adopt a stereotypically male attitude in business: aggressive, competitive, and sometimes harsh in some kind situation. But actually, you gotta be yourself and have confidence in who you are. Never conform yourself to a man’s idea or attitude of what a leader look like.

Struggle to earn respect

struggle to earn respect
struggle to earn respect

Alison Gutterman, CEO and President of Jelmar once said, “As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, earning respect has been a struggle.” Gutterman was not alone, because most of women entrepreneur face this challenge too. To overcome this challenge, you have to join entrepreneur groups and meet mentors to inspire you. From that group, you can grow and learn to be a better entrepreneur.

Coping with a fear of failure

Entrepreneurs have their own fear of failure. But failure should not be viewed as a negative for reaching your goals. Just learn from your mistakes and not make it back again.

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